powder chemical peel #1

A chemical peel that's all-natural and free of toxic chemicals - Yes it's possible. The powder chemical peel #1 is professional strength, for professional results. This product is used by licensed professionals during facials, to provide a superior form of exfoliation.  

Full ingredients list

Azelaic acid

Molecular weight 188.22 g/mol. If you have not worked with this acid before, you will be blown away. It kills bacteria that cause acne and rosacea, and helps brighten skin. It is effective at clearing pores and targets any remaining scars from past break-outs. Azelaic acid is a dermatologist favorite.

Glycolic acid

Molecular weight 76.05 g/mol. One of the smallest AHAs, it penetrates dermal layers fast and deep. It allows for thorough resurfacing, ideal for fast-tracked visible results on hyperpigmentation and lines & wrinkles.

Citric acid 

Molecular weight 192.02 g/mol. A large AHA, which I love pairing with glycolic acid. Glycolic acid will go deep, while citric acid will work on the surface layer. Together, they form one of the most effective resurfacing solutions.

Kojic acid

Molecular weight 142.11 g/mol. Another popular acid with dermatologists, Kojic Acid is proven to inhibit melanin production. Used in combination with other acids and massaged into skin, we promote a deeper penetration so it can reach melanocytes.

Peppermint extract

Soothing and refreshing at the same time, this ingredient keeps skin from going red and decreases visible signs of inflammation. The enjoyable scent helps the client enjoy the peel experience.   


Before and After photos



Treatments: 3 powder chemical peels every 10 days.
Homecare: Mr. Lulu Tingly Powder Serum every other day. 

> Acne scars have faded. Active break outs have reduced.
> Skin is has brightened.



Treatments: 3 powder chemical peels every 10 days. 
Homecare: Mr. Lulu Tingly Powder Serum, Nourishing Face Oil and Gentle Powder Cleanser

> Skin texture is smoother and softer.
> Skin is brighter and red undertone has reduced.



Treatments: 3 powder chemical peels every 10 days. Homecare: Mr. Lulu Tingly Powder Serum, Nourishing Face Oil and Gentle Powder Cleanser

> Forehead: hyperpigmentation is breaking up and fading. Skin texture is smoother.


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Up to 92% of skincare formulas are non-active ingredients.
Is it fair we pay all this money for so little active ingredient? Ingredients like thickeners and stabilizers are just here to make the formula look nice.
Mr. Lulu's products are 100% active ingredients, so you see more results.


Give it vitamins and nutrients, no chemicals.
Our skin is our largest organ and it absorbs more that what we think.
Before using a product with silicones, parabens, petroleum-based ingredients or preservatives; ask yourself: “Would I put these inside me? Would these be healthy ?” If the answer is no, then pause for a second.


Whether synthetic or naturally derived, preservatives are here to “kill life”. They are like chlorine in a swimming pool: it keeps the water clean, but is toxic to skin and respiratory system. Preservatives might keep serums and creams stable in your bathroom cabinet, but they are not good to skin and health.


Mr. Lulu believes that good looking skin comes with healthy skin. All products are preservative-free, cruelty-free, fragrance-free, petroleum-free, silicone-free, alcohol-free. Green packaging and shipping methods.

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68 reviews
Love this!

I'm really impressed with this scrub! I love that way it activates and foams up. The texture is fantastic, not too rough. My skin felt so incredible soft after using it! I highly recommend it!

Love this trio

I started using the trio cleanser , serum and face oil and I can feel my skin texture got better if feels good and smooth and I like how it looks bright and glowy after I put on the face oil .

Great Cleanser

This cleanser removes oil very well without stripping the skin. Even when my eczema flares up it’s gentle enough where it doesn’t irritate my skin. I can’t wait to try more products from this line.


I have tried so many products (and spent so much money) since my rosacea diagnosis two years ago. I had lost all hope in being able to have clean, non-irritated skin… then I took a chance with Mr LuLu’s magic bottles. My face looks and feels dramatically better, so much so I could cry! I use the gentle powder cleanser before applying the nourishing face oil.

Great oil, even for difficult skin!

I've been using this oil for about 2 months and am so happy with it. I tend to break out easily, but this oil hasn't done that at all. I've noticed a reduction in fine lines and I like how dewy my skin looks after applying the oil. I'm also pregnant and like the fact that there are no preservatives or additives to this oil.