Hello and welcome

Thank you for visiting my store.

Let me introduce myself. 

I have worked in skincare all my life. I have developed many products for sometimes big companies. I know everything that goes into making skincare and I want to change the game with my own products.

Like you, I am a real person. I care for you and the products I make.

You will see that I gladly share my email throughout the website so you can contact me anytime and ask me any question.

I am not a marketing machine, and I am not trying to become a billionaire. I just want to bring you some great products that will help you enjoy healthy and good looking skin. 

I want you to feel welcome on this website as much as if we were in a physical neighborhood store. Of course there would be more than 4 products in a store but I hope it is only the beginning - and you can enjoy a few more soon.


Mr. Lulu care for our products, customers and the environment. 

  • More than clean skincare
  • Preservative-free
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Chemical-free
  • Uses ingredients from organic ingredient manufacturers
  • Non-GMO
  • Sustainable
  • Uses no ingredients that can harm nature
  • Works with recyclable material for packaging and printed material
  • Uses solar energy for manufacturing
  • Family owned
  • Developed and manufactured with care
  • Made in USA
  • Uses ingredients and packaging sourced in the USA to support local businesses

Have a great day,




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What people say

74 reviews
Best routine ever

I love these products and how they work together. My skin feels amazing, and it looks so bright and heathy.

Very effective skincare routine

I have tried this set of 4 products for a month and I am absolutely amazed by the results.
My skin has sun damage and is prone to some break outs.
I have seen real improvements in everything. The sun damage seems to be brighter and smaller. I also have less break outs.
People are commenting on how good my skin looks, and I am simply so excited!

My skin looks so good every time I use it

This product is like a facial in a bottle. It makes my skin looks so bright and smooth instantly.
I have been using it for a few weeks, and can also see how it helps with some of my dark spots. I look forward to keep using it.
I am obsessed with the Mr. Lulu products!!

Such an incredible product!

This product is amazing. I have been using Mr. Lulu products for 6 months and saw great improvements in my skin.
Since I added this product a month ago, I can see how my dark spots are reducing even more.
Plus it makes my skin feel so soft after. I have never experienced anything like this. WOW

Love this!

I'm really impressed with this scrub! I love that way it activates and foams up. The texture is fantastic, not too rough. My skin felt so incredible soft after using it! I highly recommend it!