Mr. Lulu's review program


I am against fake or manipulated reviews.

I am a real person: I read and value every review. I also value the time you dedicate to review the product.

This is why I created Mr. Lulu's review program.


You receive a $10-off code for a future purchase.

A friend also receives a $10-off code.


Once you receive your order, follow these instructions:

  1. Use product(s) for minimum 3 days or maximum 30 days.
  2. Write your first name and review on the Review Card, included in your order.
  3. Write email of the friend you have selected for the $10-off code.
  4. Put card in the mail. US postage has been paid.
  5. Once Mr. Lulu receives the Review Card, you and your friend receive the $10-off codes.


Please Note:  

-Every US order includes a Review Card with postage paid. Unfortunately it is impossible for other countries. If you want to send me a review and are located outside of the US, please email Mr. Lulu at I am sure we can find a way.

-If the card is returned, it means you are ok with your review being published. Only first name and state will show on the website.

-If the card is not properly filled as per instructions, Mr. Lulu may not be able to publish your review. 

-Your review card will need to be mailed back within 30 days of purchase. 

-The 10-off codes are valid for 3 months after they have been issued. 



★ Reviews

What people say

74 reviews
Best routine ever

I love these products and how they work together. My skin feels amazing, and it looks so bright and heathy.

Very effective skincare routine

I have tried this set of 4 products for a month and I am absolutely amazed by the results.
My skin has sun damage and is prone to some break outs.
I have seen real improvements in everything. The sun damage seems to be brighter and smaller. I also have less break outs.
People are commenting on how good my skin looks, and I am simply so excited!

My skin looks so good every time I use it

This product is like a facial in a bottle. It makes my skin looks so bright and smooth instantly.
I have been using it for a few weeks, and can also see how it helps with some of my dark spots. I look forward to keep using it.
I am obsessed with the Mr. Lulu products!!

Such an incredible product!

This product is amazing. I have been using Mr. Lulu products for 6 months and saw great improvements in my skin.
Since I added this product a month ago, I can see how my dark spots are reducing even more.
Plus it makes my skin feel so soft after. I have never experienced anything like this. WOW

Love this!

I'm really impressed with this scrub! I love that way it activates and foams up. The texture is fantastic, not too rough. My skin felt so incredible soft after using it! I highly recommend it!