Succinic Azelaic Powder Peel 20g SPECIAL

Succinic Azelaic Powder Peel 20g SPECIAL
Succinic Azelaic Powder Peel 20g SPECIAL
Succinic Azelaic Powder Peel 20g SPECIAL
Succinic Azelaic Powder Peel 20g SPECIAL
Succinic Azelaic Powder Peel 20g SPECIAL
Succinic Azelaic Powder Peel 20g SPECIAL

Succinic Azelaic Powder Peel 20g SPECIAL


First dicarboxylic acid peel: a new generation of acids. It is free from AHAs, BHAs, PHAs or enzymes.

Succinic and azelaic acids is an effective combination to target acne prone skin, inflamed acne, PIH prone skin and sensitive skin.

Can perform extractions after it. 


  1. Reduce hyperpigmentation & PIH
  2. Calm skin, acne and reduce acne scars

Good to know: Preservative-free, cruelty-free, fragrance-free, petroleum-free, silicone-free, alcohol-free, eco-friendly packaging, salycilic acid-free.

10-15 treatments per bottle.

  • Single item
  • With 100 medicine cups

Double Peel service

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Full ingredients list: Succinic acid, azelaic acid, kojic acid, hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5.

Succinic acid: Dicarboxylic acid naturally-occurring in foods such as broccoli, beets, sugar cane, rhubarb, asparagus, apple cider vinegar...

It does not kill but regulates the activity of p. acnes bacteria, making a powerful ingredient to reduce all forms of acne without being harsh on skin.

Azelaic acid: If you have not worked with this acid before, you will be blown away. It kills bacteria that cause acne and rosacea, and helps brighten skin. It is effective at clearing pores and targets any remaining scars from past break outs. Azelaic acid is a dermatologist favorite.

Kojic acid: Proven to inhibit melanin production. Used in combination with other acids and massaged into skin, we promote a deeper penetration so it can reach melanocytes.

Hyaluronic acid:  Powerful humectant. It draws water and helps lock in moisture in skin. With a molecular weight of 847 g/mol, it sits on top of dermal layers to create a “moisture lock”.

Vitamin B5: This vitamin has the ability to boost skin hydration and is researched for its anti-acne properties. 


Brightening facial

By holistic aesthetician and educator Bria Alston @the_spirit_filled_life

Peel + microneedling 

By medical aesthetician Kara King @karakingesthetics


  1. 1.How often? How many times?

    The Peel can be easily included into regular facials. It is however best when performed in a series of 3 o more, every 10 to 14 days. 
  2. 2.How much water should I use?

    Follow the dilution options on this page, protocol charts or professional manual. You can make it eveb more gentle by adding more water.
  3. 3.Can I use the peel before microneedling or nanoneedling?

    Yes absolutely
  4. 4.Why is preservative-free better?

    Preservatives are toxic and irritating ingredients to skin and any human organ. Their molecular weight is small enough to be penetrate thde dermal layers. When you are able to formulate products without them, we allow  the active ingredients to work with no interference. This leads to healthier skin and more visible results.
    Read my blog section where you can find resources that give more details on preseravtives, their toxicity and how they unfortunately penetrate skin.
  5. 5.Is the product toxic-free and all-natural?

    Yes of course. 
    Mr. Lulu knows how to work with natural ingredients in their stable and potent forms. 
    Many companies add synthetic and toxic ingredients but Mr. Lulu is against them.
  6. 6.Cost per use $

    On average: $2-3.00 per application 
This week only!

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