Gentle Powder Cleanser 27g - probiotics

Gentle Powder Cleanser 27g - probiotics
Gentle Powder Cleanser 27g - probiotics
Gentle Powder Cleanser 27g - probiotics
Gentle Powder Cleanser 27g - probiotics
Gentle Powder Cleanser 27g - probiotics
Gentle Powder Cleanser 27g - probiotics
Gentle Powder Cleanser 27g - probiotics

Gentle Powder Cleanser 27g - probiotics


The Gentle Powder Cleanser removes all dirt, pollution and excess sebum from skin, whilst keeping it balanced. Rich in probiotics, it protects your skin's barrier. Activated with a splash of water, it becomes a cream and then lathers.


1. Clear and clean skin
2. Oil-free and shine-free skin 
3. Skin feels balanced, not tight

Good to know:

Preservative-free, cruelty-free, fragrance-free, petroleum-free, silicone-free, alcohol-free, eco-friendly packaging.


Full ingredients list: sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (coconut), zea mays (corn) starch, maltodextrin, lactobacillus.

1. Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (coconut)

Gentle cleaning active derived from coconut. It creates an unctuous lather and removes impurities, oil, sebum and pollution from skin, without stripping out hydration.

2. Zea mays (corn) starch

Powerful oil-absorbing ingredient. It absorbs excess oil and sebum out of skin. It is also known to soothe irritations and is gentle to skin.

3. Maltodextrin

Plant-based sugar often used for its results on skin aging concerns whilst being gentle to skin. It is an effective moisturizing ingredient, and helps your skin remain hydrated whilst cleansing.

4. Lactobacillus

Excellent probiotic that soothes and balances skin. Just like a fermented food would support your stomach, Lactobacillus maintains the integrity of skin's barrier and microbiome.

How to use




Tap & tap again

Open and tap bottle twice or 3 times. The powder falls in palm of hand.



Wet & rub

Lightly wet other hand with water. Rub two hands together until the powder becomes creamy and start to lather.



Apply & massage

Apply and massage over dampened face. Cleanse entire face.



What's next?

Rinse well and follow with Mr. Lulu Tingly Powder Serum and Nourishing Face Oil.

What people say

Very gentle, yet so effective
My skin feels so soft after using this cleanser. It gets rid of all impurities and oil, but my skin does not feel tight afterwards. I have never experienced anything like it.
No fragrance - I love it
So many cleansers have stronger fragrances, and this one smells like nothing. Yes, I know it is surprising but it has no smell at all. I really like this.
Chemical free cleanser
This cleanser is 100% chemical free, which is important to me. I love the fact that you can have a very effective cleanser without harsh chemicals.
Finally a product that is preservative-free
I am an advocate for natural products, but it is true that preservatives have always been a challenge. I am so glad to see such an effective product that has no preservatives!

Do you have any questions?

  1. 1.When should I use?

    Use the Gentle Powder Cleanser morning and night. It is a gentle cleanser that can be used daily with no time limit. 
    Make sure to use the Tingly Powder Serum and Nourishing Face Oil afterwards. These products have been designed to complement each other and give optimal results.
  2. 2.How much water should I use?

    A generous splash is enough to transform the powder into a cream and then get the cleanser to start lathering. 
  3. 3.Will it remove make up?

    I would suggest to use a make up removing cleanser prior, especially if you wear a lot of make up. The Gentle Powder Cleanser is effective at removing dirt and impurities on a face with little or no make up.
  4. 4.Why is preservative-free better?

    Preservatives are toxic and irritating ingredients to skin and any human organ. Their molecular weight is small enough to be penetrate thde dermal layers. When you are able to formulate products without them, we allow  the active ingredients to work with no interference. This leads to healthier skin and more visible results.
    Read my blog section where you can find resources that give more details on preseravtives, their toxicity and how they unfortunately penetrate skin.
  5. 5.Is the product toxic-free and all-natural?

    Yes of course. 
    Mr. Lulu knows how to work with natural ingredients in their stable and potent forms. 
    Many companies add synthetic and toxic ingredients but Mr. Lulu is against them.
  6. 6.How many uses should I get from the product?

    You should get 60 washes with one bottle. If you use it twice a day, this should last for a month. This depends how much you use of course, so this could vary. 
  7. 7.What does it smell like?

    It is 100% scent free. It does not have any smell. For people who are sensitive to scents or have skin sensitive to fragrances, this cleanser is ideal.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jo Lara
Worth it

Love this cleanser so so much, I can’t even explain it, It really changed my skin game

Carmen H
Great Cleanser

This cleanser removes oil very well without stripping the skin. Even when my eczema flares up it’s gentle enough where it doesn’t irritate my skin. I can’t wait to try more products from this line.

Shae T
This is awesome!

This is such a cool cleanser! Powder to a foam is a transformation you must see and feel! The foam is so soft and non stripping on the skin. I have dry skin and this didn't dry me out at all. I loved how gentle it was and my skin felt very soft afterward. The ingredients are minimal and I love that too. I love the convenience of this too, it'll make traveling easier.

Very good cleanser

Great face wash. It is fragrance free, which is great. My skin is quite oily by the end of the day, and it removes all the oil very well.
I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good face wash.

Leia C
Mr. Lulu did it again - another incredible product

I am not sure how he does it, but it is once again an incredible product. So many powder cleansers are harsh on skin, and this one is so gentle.
It feels like a cloud that wraps my face softly.
It is just the loveliest cleanser ever and I just love how supple my skin feels afterwards.

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★ Reviews

What people say

79 reviews
Lovely stuff here

I'm about 3 weeks in to this brand and the experience is altogether awesome. My skin is brighter, glowy and overall pigmentation is more balanced. I use the cleanser, serum and oil morning and night, and I use the scrub 3x a week before bed. In the last week I see positive changes every day. Highly recommend.
This is a great, compact and cool routine. I'm going to reorder when this batch runs down but it's not even half gone yet. Lasts a long time. Really enjoying the product.
Pro Tip: When you are reconstituting the powders, always add a little more water than you think you need and blend for a minute longer than you think necessary. The serum becomes this hyperglisse, ultra-glide liquid that soothes when you put it on. If you skimp on this step it will be grainy and probably get stuck in your eyebrows.

Revolutionary products!

I love my Mr Lulu!
When you get electrolysis treatments done, most of the time you can get some hyperpigmentation as one of the side effects. Finding these products (tingly powder serum & probiotic cleanser) has been a true gamechanger. It goes hand in hand with electrolysis and it works wonders. The thing I love the most about it is, that it is in powder form, and that way you mix it yourself adding some water to it and it lasts for so long and leaves your skin hydrated, smooth, and clean to the touch. Finishing off your skin regimen with face oil it's just blissful.
I am so happy I can recommend these products to my lovely clients for their after-care needs when they are done with electrolysis treatment.
Also- I caught my husband using my own Mr Lulu cleanser so now I need to get more for myself!

Love this product so much

This face oil is the most nourishing I have ever tried. Before only rich creams worked, but this face oil is different. It gives an nourishment that no other oil provides. It’s great for my dry skin! And it has no fragrance, which is like as I am sensitive to essential oils or fragrances.

Excellent nourishing moisturizer for winter

My skin gets so dry in winter and this product has been my savior. The oil is rich, but it penetrates perfectly. I usually struggle in winter with anything and for the first time I have not felt dry a second. Plus it is scent-free, which I love.

Worth it

Love this cleanser so so much, I can’t even explain it, It really changed my skin game