Acne clearing system

Acne clearing system
Acne clearing system

Acne clearing system


Reduce break outs and acne scars

System includes 4 products:

  1. Cleanse: Probiotic Powder Cleanser 
  2. Exfoliate: Activated Enzyme Scrub
  3. Serum: HA B3 Powder Serum
  4. Moisturize: Brightening Face Oil


1. Brighter skin
2. Pores that appear smaller
3. Pigmentation from acne scars is reduced

Good to know:

Preservative-free, cruelty-free, fragrance-free, petroleum-free, silicone-free, alcohol-free.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Effective and Gentle Acne Clearing System

I've been struggling to fully clear my facial acne for about three years now and have tried everything! From prescription topical solutions to store-bought products, it was always a guessing game (that I've struggled to win). For the most part, my prescriptions tackled what was almost like cystic acne, but I am still getting breakouts that would not go away.

I have combination skin, but it is more so on the oily side and I also have to be careful with what products I use because I have extremely sensitive skin. Mr. Lulu's was recommended to me and I wanted to give the products a chance because the reviews are great and I didn't have anything to lose. Well, I am very glad I did! My acne is slowly starting to clear up, and the overall appearance of my skin has improved in only the 4 days of using it. The products do not dry out or strip my skin and the facial oil does not leave my skin overly oily. Acne that was once inflamed, has drastically reduced in redness and are slowly getting smaller.

Very happy with my purchase and I highly recommend getting this set!

Chanelle Dubon
Effective Products

These products are wonderful and work effectively. Upon the very first use of these products my skin immediately looked brighter and dark spots or hyperpigmented areas of this skin immediately looked lighter as well. The face oil has a lovely scent and feels luxurious when being massaged into the skin. It leaves your skin feeling soft and silky.

Try to find the right mixture of water with the powder to avoid clumping. Overall, wonderful product!

Adriana Zimova
Amazing products!

Vitamin C is an essential step in my skin-care routine and i can't thank you enough Mr.Lulu for bringing such a pure beauty into this world.
I just Love Love Love a bit of tingling sensation on my skin, and most of all the results. Skin is much healthier, vibrant, glowy & more even. Definitely recommend to every single one of you!!!

Priscila Feddersen
Amazing results

It’s refreshing when you find products that are great for us and safe for the earth, while also supporting local business. I am so proud and thankful to get to know this fantastic brand. This was the first ever powder serum I have ever used, and it’s a lot of fun mixing the powder with the water to create that delicious serum texture, you only need to make a little to use it, it glides greatly and absorbed quickly. This serum has been working wonders fading dark spots and getting my skin brighter. The tingling sensation after applying it is so therapeutic. The face oil has a fresh plant smell, it smells like you are on a tropical island right after it rained, I just love it’s mild fragrance, it leaves the skin so moisturized and looking so healthy. I definitely recommend it to everyone, the results are fantastic.

Great combination of products

These products have been really great for my skin. A friend of mine told me to use them, and they are just something different.
Not sure how to explain but my skin feels and looks amazing like never before. My dark spots are fading but what I love the most is how smooth my skin is feeling, and my pores are tighter.