Powder Chemical Peel

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Peel preparation


Peel dilution suggestions

You can increase the strength of the peel depening on  client concern, tone and sensitivity level.

Suggestions by skin type - Part 1


Suggestions by skin type - Part 2

Facial treatment protocol

Client preparation
Double cleanse face with Gentle Powder Cleanser as second cleanse. 
You may apply ointment on sides of lips and bottom of nose, and cover clients’ eyes with cotton pads. 
Peel preparation
Put surgical mask and surgical gloves on. 
Take a heap full of measuring spoon of Powder Chemical Peel #1. Place it into a small glass bowl or plastic cup. 
Take 1, 2 or 3 heap full of measuring spoon of water (depending on selected dilution). The water should be at room temperature or lukewarm. 
Use fingers to mix powder and water. Some of the powder might not fully dissolve and it’s ok. 
Peel application
 Dip 2 fingers into Peel Solution and massage over each area: 10 seconds for large areas 5 seconds for small areas 
Count in your head as you massage. 
Massage pressure be gentle. It helps the acids penetrate faster and deeper. For this reason, the peel application is relatively quick. 
Check sensation with client using the 1-10 scale. 
Repeat if you are doing more than 1 pass. 
The peel solution has a slight green color so you can monitor application and any redness. 
Neutralize immediately after. You do not need to let the peel sit on client's face, as you have pushed it in with the massage.
 Use sponge with water and wipe all areas of the face. 
Then cleanse face with Gentle Powder Cleanser to remove any debris from the peel and bring skin back to a balanced state. 
After this cleanse, the client should not feel any more heat or tingle from the peel.
What next?
 Apply Tingly Powder Serum immediately after. 
Client may feel a stronger-than-usual tingle. It is normal, the Vitamin C is penetrating deeper. 
Enhancements options
Microcurrent: the Tingly Powder Serum combined with water works well with many microcurrent devices. Make sure to test prior to performing in a facial. 
Hydro Jelly Mask: The occlusive nature of such mask will help drive the Vitamin C from the Tingly Powder Serum into the skin. 
Facial Massage: Weather you work with gua sha, massage tools or your hands, the Nourishing Face Oil has great slip & glide for most massage techniques.


  1. 1.How often? How many times?

    The Powder Chemical Peel can be easily included into regular facials. It is however best when performed in a series of 3, every 10 to 14 days. 
  2. 2.How much water should I use?

    Yes. If you are trying to perform a deeper resurfacing, the powder chemical peel #1 will be excellent after either of these treatments.
  3. 3.Can I use the peel before microneedling or nanoneedling?

    Yes, but I would use medium or gentle strength to be on the safe side.
  4. 4.Why is preservative-free better?

    Preservatives are toxic and irritating ingredients to skin and any human organ. Their molecular weight is small enough to be penetrate thde dermal layers. When you are able to formulate products without them, we allow  the active ingredients to work with no interference. This leads to healthier skin and more visible results.
    Read my blog section where you can find resources that give more details on preseravtives, their toxicity and how they unfortunately penetrate skin.
  5. 5.Is the product toxic-free and all-natural?

    Yes of course. 
    Mr. Lulu knows how to work with natural ingredients in their stable and potent forms. 
    Many companies add synthetic and toxic ingredients but Mr. Lulu is against them.
  6. 6.Cost per use $

    You should get 60 washes with one bottle. If you use it twice a day, this should last for a month. This depends how much you use of course, so this could vary. 
  7. 7.What is the role of peppermint?

    It helps the peel feel less "spicy" and control the level of erythema. 
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68 reviews
Love this!

I'm really impressed with this scrub! I love that way it activates and foams up. The texture is fantastic, not too rough. My skin felt so incredible soft after using it! I highly recommend it!

Love this trio

I started using the trio cleanser , serum and face oil and I can feel my skin texture got better if feels good and smooth and I like how it looks bright and glowy after I put on the face oil .

Great Cleanser

This cleanser removes oil very well without stripping the skin. Even when my eczema flares up it’s gentle enough where it doesn’t irritate my skin. I can’t wait to try more products from this line.


I have tried so many products (and spent so much money) since my rosacea diagnosis two years ago. I had lost all hope in being able to have clean, non-irritated skin… then I took a chance with Mr LuLu’s magic bottles. My face looks and feels dramatically better, so much so I could cry! I use the gentle powder cleanser before applying the nourishing face oil.

Great oil, even for difficult skin!

I've been using this oil for about 2 months and am so happy with it. I tend to break out easily, but this oil hasn't done that at all. I've noticed a reduction in fine lines and I like how dewy my skin looks after applying the oil. I'm also pregnant and like the fact that there are no preservatives or additives to this oil.