Pigment Control Powder Serum 20g - SPECIAL

Pigment Control Powder Serum 20g - SPECIAL
Pigment Control Powder Serum 20g - SPECIAL
Pigment Control Powder Serum 20g - SPECIAL
Pigment Control Powder Serum 20g - SPECIAL

Pigment Control Powder Serum 20g - SPECIAL


Serum for professional use

High concentration of most powerful anti-dark spots actives to address all hyperpigmentation concerns.

Can be used with microneedling (0.75mm max) or nanoinfusion.


  1. Reduce all forms of hyperpigmentation 
  2. Prevents appearance excess melanin

Good to know: Preservative-free, cruelty-free, fragrance-free, petroleum-free, silicone-free, alcohol-free, eco-friendly packaging.

Double Peel service

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Pigment control - skin needling service

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Full ingredients list: Vitamin B5, niacinamide, ascrobic acid, kojic acid, alpha arbutin, hyaluronic acid,  lactic acid, succinic acid.

Vitamin B3: Also known as niacinamide , this active has been extensively researched for its ability to minimize enlarged pores, reduce breaks outs, improve uneven skin tone, and strengthen a weakened skin barrier.

Ascorbic acid: Powerful antioxidant. It has been proven to brighten and smooth skin, and reduce the production of excess melanin.

Lactic acid:  Essential part in cellular metabolism, lactic acid is a powerful resurfacing active ingredient with brightening properties. It is an AHA that's often prefered to other acids as it is well tolerated by most skin types and tones.

Kojic acid: Proven to inhibit melanin production. Used in combination with other acids and massaged into skin, we promote a deeper penetration so it can reach melanocytes.

Hyaluronic acid:  Powerful humectant. It draws water and helps lock in moisture in skin. With a molecular weight of 847 g/mol, it sits on top of dermal layers to create a “moisture lock”.

Vitamin B5: This vitamin has the ability to boost skin hydration and is researched for its anti-acne properties. 


Peel + microneedling 

By medical aesthetician Kara King @karakingesthetics

Brightening facial

By holistic aesthetician and educator Bria Alston @the_spirit_filled_life


  1. 1.Can I use it on all skin tones and types?

    Yes, this pro serum works on all skin tones. It is however not recommended for anyone with sensitivity or dry skin.
  2. 2.How much water should I use?

    Follow the dilution recommendation. You can make it more gentle by adding more water.
  3. 3.Can use your powder peel before using this serum with microneedling or nanoneedling?

    Yes absolutely
  4. 4.Why is preservative-free better?

    Preservatives are toxic and irritating ingredients to skin and any human organ. Their molecular weight is small enough to be penetrate thde dermal layers. When you are able to formulate products without them, we allow  the active ingredients to work with no interference. This leads to healthier skin and more visible results.
    Read my blog section where you can find resources that give more details on preseravtives, their toxicity and how they unfortunately penetrate skin.
  5. 5.Is the product toxic-free and all-natural?

    Yes of course. 
    Mr. Lulu knows how to work with natural ingredients in their stable and potent forms. 
    Many companies add synthetic and toxic ingredients but Mr. Lulu is against them.
  6. 6.Cost per use $

    On average: $2.50 per application 
  7. 7.Cost per use $

    Hydroquinone has been proven to be a "melanocyte killer". It is best to avoid this ingredient due to its cytotoxicity, which can result in other health problems.