Mr. Lulu, my story

In 2021, we launched Mr. Lulu, a professional skincare brand that revolutionizes the industry. As the founder, my background in marketing and product development influenced this endeavor.
Growing up, my grandmother, a skilled aesthetician and spa owner, inspired my lifelong fascination with skincare. With experience in medical and organic skincare, I learned about the diverse facets of the industry.
While working in organic skincare, I became intrigued by the challenge of eliminating preservatives from formulations due to their potential risks. This led me to experiment with my own creations, laying the foundation for Mr. Lulu skincare.
At Mr. Lulu, we take pride in our commitment to purity and innovation. Our products stand out by formulating without water, using powder, oil, or wax bases instead. This allows for 100% active ingredients and remarkable effectiveness.
When we shared our formulations, we discovered their exceptional results and harmonious interaction with the skin's natural processes. This revelation propelled our journey forward.
Unlike conventional skincare, which heavily relies on water, Mr. Lulu products embrace concentration, ensuring each ingredient promotes skin health and delivers specific benefits. Our undiluted formulations showcase the potency of active ingredients, providing transformative experiences tailored to your skin's needs.
Addressing hyperpigmentation has been a particular focus, resulting in targeted products that offer superior results without preservatives or synthetics. These formulations provide a safer alternative for use alongside advanced skincare treatments and esthetic procedures.
Mr. Lulu truly excels in supporting compromised skin barriers during procedures like laser therapy or microneedling. Our formulations work harmoniously with your skin's natural functions, ensuring both safety and efficacy for post-treatment recovery or remarkable results.
With a commitment to innovation and understanding skincare dynamics, Mr. Lulu redefines professional skincare. Experience the power of our products at home or with a skin professional and join us in unveiling the radiant, healthy skin you deserve.