Holistic philosophy, clinical approach.


Professional skincare for people with hyperpigmentation

The products are designed to work on all skin tones. Whether you experience dark spots, acne scars, melasma, dull skin or any other pigmentation challenges; Mr. Lulu products are powerful solutions.

Mr. Lulu products are sold through licensed estheticians and skin professionals as they have superior knowledge when it comes to skin health and providing real results.

Mr. Lulu only selects actives that have received robust scientific research and are proven for their efficacy. 

All products have 100% active ingredients so you can see more results, faster.


How to work on hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation affects most people at some point in their lives. The skincare system works on 3 aspects:e skincare system works on 3 aspects:
1. Remove dead skin cells charged with excess melanin, which cause hyperpigmentation.
2. Inhibit excess melanin production, to help limit the appearance of future hyperpigmentation.
3. Nourish with vitamins and soothing actives to increase overall skin health.


Vegan,  all-natural,  preservative-free

Mr. Lulu cares:
•More than clean skincare
•Uses ingredients from organic ingredient manufacturers 
•Uses no ingredients that can harm nature 
•Works with recyclable materials
•Uses solar energy for manufacturing 
•Family owned  
•Made in USA 
•Uses ingredients and packaging sourced in the USA to support local businesses


Hi, I am Mr. Lulu

I have worked in skincare all my life. 

I have developed many products for sometimes big companies. 

I have worked for years with estheticians, medical doctors, scientists and chemists and all kinds of skin professionals. 

Skin is my thing and I know everything that goes into making highly efficacious skincare. 

Discover a new generation of skincare products.

Mr. Lulu
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What people say

83 reviews
Wow! This product has make a huge difference to my skin

Excellent product - probably the best Vitamin C serum that exists!
I have seen the improvements in my skin in a matter of days. I use it twice a day and was afraid it might be too strong.
I can see how it is brightening my skin and love the powder to serum concept.

I cannot get enough of this oil

I love this face oil so much. It is light and gives my skin a lovely texture and glow! I love the eco-friendly packaging too.

Lovely stuff here

I'm about 3 weeks in to this brand and the experience is altogether awesome. My skin is brighter, glowy and overall pigmentation is more balanced. I use the cleanser, serum and oil morning and night, and I use the scrub 3x a week before bed. In the last week I see positive changes every day. Highly recommend.
This is a great, compact and cool routine. I'm going to reorder when this batch runs down but it's not even half gone yet. Lasts a long time. Really enjoying the product.
Pro Tip: When you are reconstituting the powders, always add a little more water than you think you need and blend for a minute longer than you think necessary. The serum becomes this hyperglisse, ultra-glide liquid that soothes when you put it on. If you skimp on this step it will be grainy and probably get stuck in your eyebrows.

Revolutionary products!

I love my Mr Lulu!
When you get electrolysis treatments done, most of the time you can get some hyperpigmentation as one of the side effects. Finding these products (tingly powder serum & probiotic cleanser) has been a true gamechanger. It goes hand in hand with electrolysis and it works wonders. The thing I love the most about it is, that it is in powder form, and that way you mix it yourself adding some water to it and it lasts for so long and leaves your skin hydrated, smooth, and clean to the touch. Finishing off your skin regimen with face oil it's just blissful.
I am so happy I can recommend these products to my lovely clients for their after-care needs when they are done with electrolysis treatment.
Also- I caught my husband using my own Mr Lulu cleanser so now I need to get more for myself!

Love this product so much

This face oil is the most nourishing I have ever tried. Before only rich creams worked, but this face oil is different. It gives an nourishment that no other oil provides. It’s great for my dry skin! And it has no fragrance, which is like as I am sensitive to essential oils or fragrances.