Vitamin C microneedling (or microchanneling)

Microneedling opens channels for the Vitamin C to penetrate and provide maximum brightening benefits.

Skin health action:
• Vitamin C penetrates dermal layers deep as channels are open

Visible result post-facial:
• Skin is red (due to microneedling) but it heals faster than before as skin cells use Vitamin C in the wound healing process. Your client will experience less downtime and a better recovery from treatment.

Client preparation
• Double cleanse face with Gentle Powder Cleanser as second cleanse.
Allow skin to dry completely

Optional: Peel before Microneedling
Assess if client skin can receive peel prior to microneedling.
• Put surgical mask and surgical gloves on.
• Take a heap full of measuring spoon of Powder Chemical Peel #1. Place it into a small glass bowl or plastic cup.
• Add 2 or 3 heap full of measuring spoon of water. The water should be at room temperature or lukewarm.
• Use fingers to mix powder and water. Some of the powder might not fully dissolve and it’s ok.
• Dip 2 fingers into Peel Solution and massage over each area:
10 seconds for large areas
5 seconds for small areas
• Count in your head as you massage.
• Massage pressure be gentle. It helps the acids penetrate faster and deeper. For this reason, the peel application is relatively quick.
• Check sensation with client using the 1-10 scale.
• The peel solution has a slight green color so you can monitor application and any redness.
• Neutralize immediately after. You do not need to let the peel sit on client's face, as you have pushed it in with the massage.

Microneedling preparation
• Needle depth should not exceed 0.5mm. Vitamin C does not need to go deeper to work.
• Microneedling cartridges of 24-36 pins do not penetrate as deep as cartridges with 6-16 needles (which cause more pinpoint bleeding). You may want to adjust based on client comfort or preference. In saying this, cartridges with 6-16 needles should have better collagen induction.

Microneedling with Vitamin C
• Pour Tingly Powder Serum powder into cup and mix with water, to create a serum.
You might have to play with how water is dispensed in the cup so you can the same serum consistency as when you use it in the palm of your hands.

We will be working in section. Follow the below for each section:
• Dip 2 fingers into Vitamin C serum and apply to targeted area.
• Microneedle over targeted area doing max 2-3 passes.
>If client feels that skin is burning too much, reduce the number of passes to 1 and wipe each section with water.
• Repeat for each section.

Finish & home care
• Apply Tingly Powder Serum all over face – this might sting, so best to dilute it in more water.
• Do not apply any moisturizer or SPF after treatment.
• Client to use Gentle Powder Cleanser, Tingly Powder Serum and Nourishing Face Oil twice daily from the morning after the treatment.