Salicylic resurfacing oil 20g - SPECIAL

Salicylic resurfacing oil 20g - SPECIAL
Salicylic resurfacing oil 20g - SPECIAL
Salicylic resurfacing oil 20g - SPECIAL
Salicylic resurfacing oil 20g - SPECIAL

Salicylic resurfacing oil 20g - SPECIAL


Oil chemical peel with 10% Salicylic acid

Dual-use oil-based chemical peel. Massaged in skin, this oil formula draws sebum out, removes impurities, reduces excess bacteria and provide an effective resurfacing.

1- Pre-Peel / Skin Prep

Say goodbye to alcohol-based prep solutions, and prep skin pre chemical peel with this resurfacing oil. Effective on anyone with a form of inflammation and cannot tolerate alcohol or acidic solutions. Apply 2-3 droppers to skin and massage to skin for 2-3 minutes. Remove with a light cleanse using the Probiotic Powder Cleanser.

2- Peel alone

Apply 2-3 droppers to skin and massage in skin. Adjust massage intensity: the more vigorous massage, the more active is the peel. Apply 2-3 droppers again and repeat for a more advanced resurfacing. Monitor redness until desired clinical endpoint is reached.

Can perform extractions after it. 

10-20 treatment per bottle.

Good to know: Preservative-free, cruelty-free, fragrance-free, petroleum-free, silicone-free, alcohol-free, eco-friendly packaging.

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Protocol chart


  1. 1.How often? How many times?

    The Peel can be easily included into regular facials. It is however best when performed in a series of 3 o more, every 10 to 14 days. 
  2. 2.Can I mix it with water?

    It is not recommended.
  3. 3.Can I use the peel before microneedling or nanoinfusion?

    Yes absolutely. You can use to resurface skin and prep it before nanoinfusion or microneedling.
  4. 4.Why is preservative-free better?

    Preservatives are toxic and irritating ingredients to skin and any human organ. Their molecular weight is small enough to be penetrate thde dermal layers. When you are able to formulate products without them, we allow  the active ingredients to work with no interference. This leads to healthier skin and more visible results.
    Read my blog section where you can find resources that give more details on preseravtives, their toxicity and how they unfortunately penetrate skin.
  5. 5.Is the product toxic-free and all-natural?

    Yes of course. 
    Mr. Lulu knows how to work with natural ingredients in their stable and potent forms. 
    Many companies add synthetic and toxic ingredients but Mr. Lulu is against them.
  6. 6.Cost per use $

    On average: $2-3.00 per application 
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